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19 October
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Hey im Liz and i am 15 yrz old
i am in High School(duh) i like to have fun all the time but i do have a serious side(promise)i am shy untill i get to know you...i go to Sugar Hill United Methodist Church...and i love it.....im Very outgoing, i love sports like softball and soccer..one of my favorite things to do when i come home from school is ride my dirtbike or 4-wheeler.......i LOVE my cell phone i am constantly on it....i do have a job well actually 2 i work at Sun City Tanning and The Oaks(putt putt)...........i am TRYING to learn how to play the guitar but im not that good at it yet, im also TRYING to learn how to skateboard but i fall so....what i want in my life is to be able to have some kind of relationship with my parents b/c we dont get along AT ALL!!! and maybe more time with my lil sister(i love her so much)..i lost my brother 4 yrs ago in a car accident and i still have some trouble realizing he is gone, and so now with out him that makes me want to spend as much time as i can with her, b/c i never know when something may happen...i also want to finish school and prove to my parents i am going to be a somebody and that i am going to do better than them....but neyways i want to go to college and yea so i guess thats a lil info so ... oh my AIM is AngelKisses02467 or LuV fOr JeSuS 27 im me l8ter or if you wanna hang out or talk you can call me if you know my number or you would find me at @tlanta skate park, mall, church(sugar hill united methodist)--sunday nights youth at 6:30 - 8:00 then we go to starbucks..and mondays 7:00-8:00....so yea email me or w/e and maybe we can hang out !!!