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Easter [Apr. 15th, 2006|01:11 am]
So TODAY!!! is Easter
and like i havent really thought of the holiday itself very much b/c to me i didnt think it really
ment anything! but it means alot if i think about it!!!!
Jesus did so much for ME and YOU and i dont really think much about it b/c im always about myself
and like the last 2 wks b/c i have been going to church and things and trying to do better things i have
realized that EASTER!! is a very big deal in MY LIFE!!!
i love God with all my heart and all my life.... i dont want him to think i dont
and so i have been DOING MY BEST and i mean it to do all for him
and to show ppl that i am... meaning you know its like i can go to school or
what ever and say i love God and that I am a christian but DOING IT
meaning it in your heart and showing it is a different thing
i HAVE to show ppl
and im gonna do that

besides that i am chillin with maleigha and thomas and britt at their house so yea